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let me tell you a little bit about me 💛


Hello beautiful soul!

Thank you for showing interest in who the human is behind all of this. It's me, Alejandra 🌟 I use the name CHUKA as my artistic brand, it is derived  from my maiden lineage, where my family name is Machuca. 

{TLTR} - Colombian born, child immigrant to Canada. Raise in Toronto, BFA from UOttawa with a minor in Psychology. Lover of life. Soul living out a mission on earth, to be embodied IN LOVE AND LIGHT VIBRATION. Started creating art since childhood, and have crystallized my life as a living masterpiece. Nature, human awakening, spirituality, and the unseen realms inspire me.. but really anything and everything can be inspiration ✨


🌞LONG VERSION 🌻 I am a Colombian tropical baby that at the ripped aged of 7 got transplanted to the northern hemisphere, ending up in Toronto, Canada. Luckily the transplant was a whole family one, so my dad, mom and older sister were there with me every step of the move. I say transplant but others may call this immigration, relocation or just simply moving. To me it was transplanting, taken with my core root system and placed in more "fertile" soil. As a 7 year old I really did not understand what was going on, always being a very imaginative child I thought Canada was another PLANET. Yup I was preparing for cosmic travel, and to be honest it did feel like this in many ways. Our family left Colombia because of the violence that was taking over the country and infiltrating much of our lives. My parents wanted a better future for their daughters and for us to be granted a life that wasn't filled with shooting and bombs and news of bloody violence every single day. LOVE it. Canada was for sure a good move, and now I spend my time living between Canada and Colombia. My Colombian roots stayed strong through out my up bringing, but needless to say the immigrant life has had shapped me into the human I am today. Feeling like I never fit in, being my own unique person came naturally to me and as I grew more into my late teens and early twenties I found the magic in my unique perspective and my ability to stand strong in my authenticity. 

I went to the University of Ottawa and studied Fine Arts and Psychology, graduating with a double major and finding that these two realms had a certain synergetic energy. Fascinated by the human mind and behaviour I found myself creating art around the ideas of self (spirit self and ego self), relationships (with oneself and each-other)

My art address the ideas of self, the other, our co-creation, Goddess embodiment, spirituality and our relationship with the elemental kingdom that we share our existence with. I am in a constant exploration with the mysteries of our beautiful planet Gaia, the metaphysical and our conscious mindfullness . 

I take inspiration from Gaia and all of her beauty, I also