here for it

here for it

Last summer, avery kind, gentle soul said something that had an awakening impact on me. 

She seemed shy at first, perhaps having some self doubt and seeming unsure of herself, and her body in relative space. I was offering live paintings at the artisan market in a tiny pacific coast town on Vancouver Island. Her and her partner walked by and stopped to read my sign, I enthusiastically offered to paint their portraits, after looking for reassurance in each-other they accepted my offering. 

My live portrait project morphs and transforms as my years pass and my locations, sitters and moods differ. In this specific case I was offering 1$ per minute and I would create an abstract painting from only looking at my subjects, not at the page and not lifting up my pen. Once i lifted it up, i would switch to water colour and just add some abstracted colour into the image. 

This can be confronting to the sitter wanting that perfect portrait of them, they expect you to capture them life a photograph and then they are met with an abstracted image that really held its value in the experience of its creation. 

I find the ones to be the most confronted by this tend to be the type A personalities, wanting specific predictable results. With this couple I was sure what the expect, to my prejudice mind I would assume that they wanted some kind of charming portrait resembling them so they could hang it on the wall as a souvenir of their coastal summer trip. To my surprise they LOVED the abstracted image and thats when i heard the 3 words that transformed my world.


These three simple words came out of her mouth and it was as if her whole personality shifted as she spoke them. A new human emerged as she freely expressed here desire for the PRSENT MOMENT. 

She fully embraced, accepted, rejoiced in this uncontrollable interaction and the undoubtable magic of the point 0. That is the origin of the manifested reality, If you are "Here for it" then that means you are an open channel for THIS. For the bursting NOWNESS of IT. 


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