Daughter Nature - NFT for Wildflowers

Daughter Nature - NFT for Wildflowers

 Daughter Nature

NFT for Wildflowers 


The Daughter Nature portrait project is dedicated the spirit of Gaia, the earth spirit. 

We are her children and this project taps into the abundant energy of the human race in this specific 2021 timeline. The wave of the NFT Gallery space creates a space for a project of this nature to have the momentum to change the world. 

Every NFT sold under the Daughter Nature project funds the planting of a bed of native wildflowers. These flowers are planted as a devotion to the natural kingdom by Alejita Chukalicious, the creative director of the Daughter Nature project. 

The Daughter Nature Portrait collection is a collection made up of selfies taken by artist. Each work is done by a different artist, a self portrait taken through the lens of a flora filter. 

The inspiration of flowers being planted through this project is rooted in the devotion to the natural kingdom. These are flowers for the pollinators of the world, the growth of Daughter Nature is something that we are all a part of. 

Our earth is lush, 

our earth is growing. 


Thank you for being a part of the growth of flowers. 


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