WHAT IS CHUK∆ ... more like WHO IS CHUK∆!?

WHAT IS CHUK∆ ... more like WHO IS CHUK∆!?


The project of CHUK∆ is an energetic transmission through the creative realm. This is a branch off the tree of Alejita Chukalicious.

These creations take shape in both physical and digital space. The works created are representing the connection between digital spaces and the natural kingsdom. The elemental kingdom is the devotion of these creations. The digital mediums found through out this project are inspired in many dimensions. In the work of CHUK∆ the viewer experiences a broad spectrum of moods and themes. It is a very honest landscape of the magical human journey.

The CHUK∆ project brings together form and formless. 

THIS IS the creative energy transmissions from the 0 field.

Alejita Chukalicious is a multidimensional artist, farmer, yogini & earth angel. 

To know more about the artist you can find their other project at 






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