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Mountain Spirit

This is a series created for the mountain spirit. 

Dedicated to the earth that holds us, that birthed us, that reclaims us. The lines across the horizon that are extraordinary in every way. The geological history of this planet is seen in these rocks, these cliffs, the steep slopes, and mellow valleys. 

The mountain spirit has claimed me from the day I was born. I create these sewed mountain ranges out of my love for the mountain spirit, my eternal gratitude for being my home, my playground, my muse and my teacher. 

In honouring and respecting the elemental spirits I aim to create work that is in harmony with them. For this reason I have chosen to used repurposed materials. The fabric was once seen as scraps from a drapery maker and the threads were saved from being disposed of by a retired seamstress. 

My hope is that this little work of art can bring the mountain spirit to you wherever you may be. A reminder that life is beautiful, that these ancient beings are here to hold us with their wisdom. That any day is a great day to give thanks to the mountain spirit and all the elementals, acknowledging their presence and holding them is grace for their enchantment into our 3-D realm. 

The sewing action is an intuitive one. As i create each line I am weaving myself into a flow state of harmony and grace, holding my intention in the for-front of this channel. 

This project is ever expanding and growing. Thank you for being a part of it.