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The human form


I've always been inspired by humans and this incredible body we have. As a child a started illustrating the female form for my designs (I was a child fashion designer). That turned into a fascination with portraits, in specific I would focus on portraits of beautiful women, the models I would see on magazines and TV. In my university days, my painting prof questioned my need to paint portraits of "pretty perfect" looking women... I had a pretty shallow answer to this and from that the curiosity to dive into other forms started, releasing the perfection that I once strived for, my portraits started to become more abstract, imaginative, colourful and diverse as I drew inspiration from the many faces of the human race. 
I also continued to explore the human form through live models in painting classes and then taking it out to the street to paint scenery including humans in their everyday life. My study of Hatha Yoga also inspired a continues practice of the human body is asanas, please visit the Yoga Asana collection to view that project. 
You will find many self portraits and studies done of my body in this collection.
 My own personal body has become a great muse for me as I leaned into the discomfort of not "loving" the body I was given, overcoming body dysmorphia that I grew up with has been a process for me. Using myself as a subject has been very therapeutic and a main part of my healing. Illustrating my own body is a way for me to connect with myself, understand my body, view through a lens of love and admiration as I transmute the insecurities and discomfort that I once felt. I have found my sensuality and my own unique beauty as a muse myself. There is something fascinating about exploring the edge of my self consciousness as I gaze upon my own body and create art from it. This self musing practice is one for myself and my healing but I do share it with the world because I hope that it inspired other young women to not be uncomfortable in putting them selves at the centre of their love and admiration. We are all GODDESSES✨