MAYA to story of our manifestation

Maya is the crystallization of the accumulation of 27 spins around the sun for creator and CEO Luna Sofia.

Luna Sofia breathes creativity in every aspect of life, and through her artistic, meditative and yogis practices Luna Sofia has crystallized her love for nature and green fashion into one powerhouse brand, a brand the stands by its values of ecological practices while incorporating whimsical designs that awaken the magic all around us.

MAYA- known in hinduism as the power by which the universe becomes manifest; the illusion or appearance of the phenomenal world.

This is the world of MAYA, in this realm we play, we manifest, we can unlock any dreams and desires, for here we are to engage in our physicality and evolve in communion with the many dimensions in which we reside in, dancing through form and formless. 


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Curated Spaces

  • Peoples faces

    humans, souls, minds, bodies.

  • Life Landscapes

    Special projects selected, highlighting the interplay between art, life and location. LIFESCAPES

  • Feminine Rising

    all the self love art that i have made of my beautiful body

  • Jumping Timelines

    selected works from the past 10 years of creating my dream life


    Asanas a Yoga poses that a practicioner flows through as a living meditation and tonning of the energetic, physical and spiritual bodies. This is a collection of Asana poses that has been disected back into the muscles, and bones of the body. This shedding of the "skin" of the body leads to themes of going within oneself during a Yoga practice. From there many branches can come into the philosophies of the self, spirit and the physical realms.

  • Written Words

    When I was 20,




    and with that I knew that I could keep on expressing my inner working through words and that it didnt have to be perfect in any way , that words are art, and feelings are art, and allowing yourself to be a vehicle for this energy to take form into words, make's you a poet, and what you express becomes poetry.

    This is the only place to find

    my poetry work.

    You are special.

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