Collection: Beyond You

Beyond You 

Beyond you is beyond time, is beyond then and it’s beyond now. 

Broken lines in broken trust. Broken hearts and broken spirits. 
‘confusion hazes our connection. 
lies web together to create nightmares that tangle your consciousness and unravel your peace. 

This is a project about heart ache, betrayal, reconciliation and growth. 
A 13 piece series that travels through the inner consciousness of the darkness, despair and heavy state of a lovers betrayal. 

As the living artist of these works I wear my heart on my page as I open the public door to my inner struggles. The language of art gives me a buffer between you and my tender heart. The lines that I make, the shapes that create, the repetitions of mándelas help restore my peace. 
In creation I find solace in my inner workings, my process of emotions is my process of creations. 
Line by line i reconstruct my sense of self in relationship with other. Every mark gets me closer to my wholeness. 
The project starts with simple black lines on a white canvas. Guided by a symmetrical template I free flow and the program turns my lines into a fractal repetition. This is therapeutic. I need no direction, just feeling and motivation to move my stylist across this screen. 
Each piece evolves with me, as the series continues we see my heart unraveling. The hard lines become more malleable, subtle hints of less rigidity, more flow. At piece n. 5 we introduce colour. Red makes the first appearance as it is a significant colour. Emotions of rage and anger rise but also a hinting of the menses that is shedding. As the moon is full and I bleed out, the lines on my page turn red. The red finds softness in the pink as I feel the remorse of my fire. 
forgiveness washes and I create from my sacred womb. I choose only the burned orange colour. A colour that is sweeter then the rage of the red but strong enough to hold its own. My lines transform and softer strokes fill my page. shapes of nature and brushes that feather hope with each stroke. 
N.7 is a shift in my energy. My solar plexus is active and I am creating the reality I desire. I am free from the right constructs of black and white, fine lines, fat lines, thin lines. None of it matters, all that matters is light, creation, expression. 

to be continued… 

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