30 Self Portraits

In celebration of my 30th year of life I have created my "30 Self Portraits" series. This is a collection of 30 photographs of me, taken by me. These have been accumulated over the past 10 years. They are mostly taken on my 2012 Canon Rebel T3. This camera is aging, like I am. It is dusty and has spots in the mirror, like me. It doesn't produce 4k images, my lenses are limited, and 2 hard drives of images have been lost along the way. 

In this body of work we see my body, my different shapes and forms, my intrigue with long exposures and nature immersions. This body of work holds my body as i work. My 20's pass by in a transformative state. 

I have no kids, no husband, no house, not much. I have not accumulated the milestones my traditional family longed for, instead I accumulated memories of starry nights, and open skies, of long time lovers and lifelong friends. My body of work has changed throughout this last decade, much like my human body has transformed. 

My 20's started roaring, halted at the edge of a cliff, dropping down to a dark valley. I rebuilt myself, from the stones at the river's edge and the leafs falling from the trees. I adorned my soul with wildflowers and I remembered by authentic wild child. Returning to the roar, I am wiser, truer and more myself than ever. 

This is 30 picture of me under 30.

Soon I'll be 30 and I'll lose my chance of making it to any under 30 list, so I've made my own. Enjoy.