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Alejita Chuka & Ana María Gómez

Ana María Gómez #1

Ana María Gómez #1

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 Strikingly vivid, this 8"x10" Enhanced Matte Paper Poster is sure to capture attention and inspire wonder.

Ana María Gómez is an Elite Aerial Hoop national champion athlete from Colombia. She is representing Colombia for the first time at the World Aerial Sports Championship in Kielce, Poland, from October 25th to 29th. Ana María's beautiful golden performance inspired visual artist CHUKA to create a limited time collection featuring 11 poses by the acclaimed aerial dancer. *All proceeds go towards Ana María Gómez journey to Poland to represent Colombia at the World Aerial Sports Championship in Kielce, Poland Each piece in this limited time collection is a heartfelt testament to Ana María Gómez's unparalleled grace and strength - and a meaningful way to support the remarkable athlete on her journey to the World Championship.

Ana María Gómez is a triumphant Colombian athlete, gracing the Elite Aerial Hoop national championships with her victory. Now, she is soaring her way to Kielce, Poland, to represent her native country at the prestigious World Aerial Sports Championship, from October 25th to 29th. Her glowing golden performance has caused renowned visual artist CHUKA to dedicate the crafting of a limited-edition collection to her luminous 11 poses from the aerial dancer. All proceeds will be funneled into Ana María Gómez's journey to Poland to showcase her profound skill at the World Championship. This exquisite collection serves as a gracious tribute to her poise and strength, while also offering a meaningful opportunity to support the outstanding athlete in her pursuit of the World Championship.

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